Monday, July 18, 2011

One Last Journey


It was time to say goodbye. It was time for that one last journey. I picked up my iPod, made a new playlist from my favourites, mostly old Punjabi songs ranging from Mohammad Sadiq to Kuldeep Manak to ever unforgettable Gurdas Mann.    

It was time to fuel up and I remembered that Autocar Question which used to go by “What would you do with that last litre of petrol?” I thought I was going to have that moment now. Kicked my Bullet start for one last time and it was time for a nostalgic experience. It has been 5 years since I fell in love with it. It has seen it all, all my relationships, all my memories good as well as bad. It even saw the change in me. When everything around was changing it stayed constant with me. It is very hard to forget that last peg of Old Monk that I sipped with my best buddies with the Monk sitting pretty on the rider’s seat or that ride with my first love or that drive back at 2 o’clock  with friends in first year after youth festival of 2006. So many moments which all were running in front of eyes like I was sitting in PVR.

I am being totally honest when I say that it felt very indifferent to part ways with you. Yes I thought I would be sad but I was not. Instead I relived a lot of moments which have become an inseparable of me, moments which can only be lived and not described in words. Finally it reached its destination, I handed the keys over, looked at it one last time smiled and moved on.

18th July 2006 dad gifted me a Royal Enfield Bullet. 18th July 2011 he is going to sell it off and life, it will just continue like it always does. As off now the Royal vehicle is gone, but royalty shall continue.