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Monday, October 31, 2011

Forever and forever

When I met you for the first time,
There was nothing worth a dime.

But then something I found,
And it just came around and around.

I never thought it would be,
but like it was meant to be.

In no time it has all changed,
And all that is left is just a frame.

Everyday I look for something new,
so that I can be a different few.

But no its always you and you,
just coming back and telling me,
that I had something worth more than one life,
something more than this life,
that would never leave me.

Now that you are a part of me,
How do I lose that part of me?

I hope to have that again,
Just to be that close again
And be that forever and forever.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hadn’t it been for the sadness in the world, we wouldn’t have had some beautiful poetry. We wouldn’t have Shakespeare’s tragedies, Homer’s Iliad, Vikram Seth’s A Doctor's Journal Entry. Hadn’t it been for the sadness in the world, we wouldn’t have Happiness...................

That one again

When I was alone,
I feared it.
When you were gone,
I felt it.

But it came with such a pain,
That all went in vain.

I tried to cry,
But with these dry eyes,
How could I cry.

But I went on with the thought,
What upon me had I brought.

I had no answer,
And also none to seek one.
For I once again,
Became that one again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I thought I can sacrifice,
But deep down I knew it won't suffice.

You rekindled it all,
But I fear its all going to fall.

Unable to hide them, conceal them,
I try to run.

When questions are asked,
I keep mum.

I fear running that last mile,
I know will take me there.
I lie to you, I put on faces,
I try to walk, but I sway.

I push myself away, away from you.
But its all gone, when I see you.

I don't want my destiny this way.
I don't want to feel it this way.

But its too good, too lovely, too beautiful to lose.
Its so much harder than it seems.
But somehow I got caught in between.

I can't show, I can't explain.
But I hope you understand.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Last Dream

I jump without knowing where will i land,
To look for land, I push away like sand.

As I go closer and closer, I look where will I be,
But then I find, this is not where I destined to be.

Now I feel like drowning, I am out of breath,
Is this the closest I can get to my death.

And then with a quick sound, it all just snaps.
It feels like a rebirth, but its just a trap.

I wash my face, I clear my thoughts.
But to me its all your separation has brought.

I walk down the street, which goes somewhere.
I hope to find you, but you are nowhere.

Till I come to a point, where I no more dream,
I no more live and I no more exist.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just wrote

I thought of writing something funny,
But it isn't a bit like pulling out a bunny.

I thought of hitting the bulls eye with a dart,
But then as you came,I smelled a fart.

I laughed and started to hop,
Then mom came and struck me with a mop.

And i looked at the clock which struck nine,
I thought it will be all fine.

And then she suddenly came through the door,
It was time to get on the dance floor.

All said and done with a quick leap,
I went to sleep.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know not the limitations,
I am tied to.

I know not the goals,
I want to.

I know not the people,
I live with.

I know not the emotions,
I have gone through.

I know no time, no religion, no country,
no ethnicity, no race or any relation.

All I know is I was born, I live and I will die.
But I will never be extinct.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Moving through the woods, I came across it.
They told me not to see it, not to touch it.
But I just could’t resist, for I a mere mortal
Broken down by my own manifestation of it,
Drenched in the pain of losing it, I hide it.
But i still abide by it, hold it
Knowing but not believing, one day i will lose it.