Thursday, July 15, 2010

Satisfied are you?

Last weekend i was sitting with some of my friends at barista having a casual discussion. Suddenly the word cropped up “Satisfaction”. One of my friend was arguing that one should be satisfied or atleast look for satisfaction. But honestly i don't believe in being satisfied, or to put it i don't want to be satisfied. Think about it, all the things we enjoy, all the world we know is because somewhere somebody was not satisfied with what he had. Starting from the two of the most important inventions mankind did, fire and wheel. Why did they came? Somebody was not satisfied by living in dark or having to walk always. The biggest invention which i consider and what changed everything and made way for many more was electricity. Again micheal faraday wanted something more. Thomas alva edison wanted more than just light. He wanted to create a legacy by giving light to all. Henry ford changed his design so many times until he got to model T. Even today the most enjoyed luxuries and the small things we enjoy are there because someone was not satisfied. He did not adhere to the line “be satisfied with what you have”. We got independence simple because some people were not satisfied with the british rule. It is very easy to say one should be satisfied and i have hearing this thing for the last 21 years of my life. You should be content with what you have. Just once think about a world where everyone is satisfied. Sachin is not breaking records everyday, nokia is not releasing new cellphones here and there and you don't want to do anything because you are satisfied. Life would become so dull and boring that eventually the end of creating anything new will lead to just one thing. So think about it guys do you want to be satisfied?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have always had a lot of friends. I have been through a lot of institutions. There have been a lot of good friends. But because i changed so many institutions, i could never take a person's name and say we grew up together, are from the same street or have been to same school. So when any one would ask who is your best friend? I would simply say there are a lot of people who are my friends and would never take a single name. Some might argue i was being politically correct, but that really was the case with me. But then it happened. I was sitting in the class not alone but in a bunch of friends and suddenly you came to my mind. A flood of memories came to my mind of all the time we spent together, our laughs, our hangouts. I was engulfed in a sea of emotions. I still can't figure out why that happened. I couldn't stop my emotions, could hide my tears as they came out. I was wondering why it was happening. I haven't missed my home, my parents, my city so much so. But at that moments i was completely cut off from reality. I forgot i was sitting in a class with people all around me. I guess you once told me cancerians are very emotional finally came out in the open. We have been together for only 4 years but from those 4 years, the time we spent together was most memorable. You were not only a friend for me, you were like a brother, many a times a mentor. I learned so much from you. We argued, we debated, we clashed at many points but we always inseparable. It is a big truth and i learned it today “Sometimes you learn the value of something when that thing is away from you”. At that moment i was thinking if there is one thing i could change would you sitting beside me.